José Luis González Castro

Musician and Sound Designer


Elite: Dangerous

I created the game´s underlying structures and worked alongside programmers to design key features and systems. I also did all the initial sound effects and worked on auxiliary materials such as the promotional videos.

In october 13, 2013 I was featured in an interview explaining my vision of key sound elements in game, most notably the handling of "sounds in space".

Zoo Tycoon

I was indirectly involved in the game through iterations of my previous work on subsystems such as collisions.

Stellar Velocity

iOS arcade game, done entirely by myself.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

I supervised voice implementation for the whole game. I also made most of the sound effects and edited the music for Space Mountain, among other tasks.


I designed templates and made sounds for several of the animals' voices, and worked on several other subsystems, including collisions and minigames.

Bionic Commando

2009's sequel to the classic game, developed by Capcom/Grin. I composed and recorded a piano arrangement based on the original theme.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Wanted is a third-person shooter based on the movie of the same name, developed by Grin in coproduction with Universal. I worked as a Sound Designer and was in charge of creating and implementing many of the sounds you'll hear in game, including interface, ambiences and voices.


Glest is a freeware 3D RTS game for which I made all music, sound and voice work. The game was awarded First Prize in Playstation Art Futura Video Game Design Award, sponsored by Sony.

Glest is available in both windows and linux versions, the latter bundled with the official SUSE distribution, and has been distributed with many computer magazines worldwide.

El Cid

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Coproduced by Filmax and Argos Labs, El Cid was an adventure game based on the animation movie of the same name. Except for vo, which I edited but didn't record, I did all music and sound work. The image for the cutscenes below belongs to the movie, but voices, sound and music are original to the game.



Título Superior, Composición Musical -Conservatorio Superior de Música, Vigo

Título Superior, Piano -CSMV

CCMIX Scholarship (Electroacoustic Composition)


2013 Lead Audio Designer at Frontier Developments

Elite: Dangerous: Project layout and organization, core feature design, General Sound Design and Implementation

2010-2013 Senior Audio Designer at Frontier Developments

Kinect Disneyland Adventures - General Sound Design and Implementation

Kinectimals - General Sound Design and Implementation

2008-2009 Sound Designer at Grin

Wanted: Weapons of Fate - General Sound Design and Implementation

Bionic Commando - Main Theme (Piano Arrangement)

2006-2008 Production Assistant, Composer and Sound Designer at UCGames

2004-2009 Composer, Sound Designer, Glest

1st Prize, PLaystation ArtFutura Video Game Award

2003-05 Composer, Sound Designer at Argos Labs

El Cid

Premiered Pieces

"Canción de lo Nuevo y de lo viejo", for full orquestra -CSMV, Vigo (sp), 2008

"Rito de Pasaje", chamber group -CSMV, Vigo, 2008

"Sonata for Basson&Piano" -Saskatoon Music Festival, Saskatoon (cn) 2005

"POMS -Petits Objets Musicaux"

Festival de Création Contemporaine et Musique Electronique, Paris (fr), 2004

Festival Corpi del Suono, L'Aquila (it)

Other Works

"Recombinant Art 01", Electroacoustic Music Album, Twelfthroot, 2005

"Aphlar", short animated movie, TVG, 2002 - Composer, Sound Designer

"Arguments", Electronic Music Album, Runa Records, 2001


Located at the core of the old part of spanish coastal village Pontevedra, my music studio is the permanent home of a collection of synthesizers and other instruments.


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