I am a freelance Composer and Sound Designer with 15+ years of experience working in video games. I am looking for remote work with game developers.


Título Superior, Music Composition – Conservatorio Superior de Música, Vigo, Spain

Título Superior, Piano Performance – Conservatorio Superior de Música, Vigo, Spain

CCMIX Scholarship (Electroacoustic Composition) – Paris, France

Key Skills

    • Sound Design and editing (sound forge, izotope, vegas, reaper, pro tools)
    • Live recording, VO recording
    • Music Composition (classic, world, electronic), and Piano Performance
    • Audio systems design using Wwise and/or Unity


2014-Present | Freelance Composer and Sound Designer

Dawn of Man – All Music and Sound, including audio systems design in Unity

2014-Present | Project Creator – miniMO synthesizer

Integral product development including circuit design, programming, product design, website design, and packaging

2013 | Lead Audio Designer (Elite: Dangerous) at Frontier Developments

Elite: Dangerous – Project layout and organization (Wwise), audio systems design, General Sound Design

Zoo Tycoon – I didn’t work in the project but was credited in it, as the Audio Team reused part of my work from previous projects

2010-2013 | Senior Audio Designer at Frontier Developments

Kinect Disneyland Adventures (360) | Disneyland Adventures (Xbox One) – General Sound Design and Audio systems design (Wwise); in charge of VO supervision for the whole project

Kinectimals – General Sound Design and Audio systems design (Wwise)

2008-2009 | Sound Designer at Grin

Wanted: Weapons of Fate – General Sound Design and Audio systems design (proprietary engine)

Bionic Commando – Credited as a Composer for the piano version of the main theme

2006-2008 | Production Assistant, Composer, and Sound Designer at UCGames

I helped developing small games and prototypes for the company and third parties.

Unfortunately almost none of that work was made public, except for the tutorials I wrote at instructables for SQR, a game I codesigned and built prototypes for

2004-2009 | Composer and Sound Designer for Glest

All Music and Sound, including audio systems design (proprietary engine)

Glest was awarded 1st Prize at the Playstation ArtFutura Video Game Award

2003-04 | Composer and Sound Designer at Argos Labs

El Cid – All Music and Sound Design (asset creation)

Premiered Pieces

“Canción de lo Nuevo y de lo viejo”, for full orquestra – CSMV, Vigo (sp), 2008

“Rito de Pasaje”, chamber group – CSMV, Vigo, 2008

“Sonata for Basson&Piano” – Saskatoon Music Festival, Saskatoon (cn) 2005

“POMS -Petits Objets Musicaux” – Festival de Création Contemporaine et Musique Electronique, Paris (fr), 2004 | Festival Corpi del Suono, L’Aquila (it

Other Works

“Recombinant Art 01”, Electroacoustic Music Album, Twelfthroot, 2005

“Aphlar”, short animated movie, TVG, 2002 – Composer, Sound Designer

“Arguments”, Electronic Music Album, Runa Records, 2001